Institute of Theoretical Geophysics University of Cambridge

Thursday Seminars on Theoretical Geophysics: Lent 2010

The talks are held in the MR13, CMS, and start at 2:05 pm. A varied, informal luncheon will be supplied in the Common Room of Pavilion H before each seminar, at a cost of £3.00 per head, commencing at 1:05 pm.

28 January Yves Leroy
(ENS Paris)
Predicting thrusting sequences and in-situ stress states by optimization
4 February Bob Watson
The implications of climate change, biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation on food, water, energy and human security
11 February Chris Hughes
Eddies, jets, meanders and the Antarctic Circumpolar Current
18 February John Shepherd
Geoengineering the Climate: Science, Governance & Uncertainty: the Royal Society study
25 February Geoff Wadge
Regime change in volcanic systems
4 March Keith Shine
The climate impacts of non-CO2 emissions by aviation

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