Institute of Theoretical Geophysics University of Cambridge

Thursday Seminars on Theoretical Geophysics: Michaelmas 2009

The talks are held in the MR13, CMS, and start at 2:05 pm. A varied, informal luncheon will be supplied in the Common Room of Pavilion H before each seminar, at a cost of £3.00 per head, commencing at 1:05 pm.

15 October Peter Cook
Geological storage of CO2; lessons learned from Australia's CO2CRC Otway Project
22 October Tom Peacock
Sailing On Diffusion
29 October Hugh Tuffen
Seismogenic fracture of magma
5 November Dan Schrag
Anoxia, methanogenesis, and uniformitarianism
12 November Anne Davaille
(CNRS Paris)
Dynamics of thermal plumes in newtonian and non-newtonian fluids
19 November Tony Payne
Note: This seminar will be held in MR4.
Understanding contemporary change in West Antarctica: ocean interactions

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