Institute of Theoretical Geophysics University of Cambridge

Informal Lunch Seminars: Lent 2007

The talks are held in MR15, CMS, and start at 1:05 pm and we encourage attendees to arrive before 1:05 if possible.

Please bring your own lunch.

23 January Dominic Vella
The physics of floating and sinking
30 January Richard Katz
Revealing the roots of volcanism: magma transport in the convecting mantle
6 February Rob Style
Evaporation and the growth of frost flowers
13 February Maxine von Eye
(Polar Ocean Physics)
Convective chimneys in the Greenland Sea
20 February John Rudge
Solitary waves and melt migration in the mantle
27 February Fabrice Fontaine
Models of hydrothermal convection in mid-ocean ridges
6 March John Hinch
Inclined exchanges: shocking gravity currents
13 March No seminar

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