Institute of Theoretical Geophysics University of Cambridge

Informal Lunch Seminars: Lent 2010

The talks are held in MR15, CMS, and start at 1:05 pm and we encourage attendees to arrive before 1:05 if possible.

Please bring your own lunch.

19 January Peter Wadhams
Pressure ridges and their role in the Arctic Ocean energy budget
26 January Maurice Blount
Aspects of Advection-Diffusion-Reaction mechanisms of relevance to decontamination
2 February Jonathan Wright
Diagnosis of relative humidity changes in a warmer climate using tracers of last saturation
9 February Imran Coomaraswamy
Transient phenomena in natural ventilation flows
16 February Richard Wood
Mixing, jet sharpening and angular momentum in shallow atmospheres
23 February Elizabeth Day
PP and P'P' precursor observations of the mantle transition zone
2 March Silvana Cardoso
(Chemical Engineering)
Turbulent plumes with heterogeneous chemical reaction
9 March Charlie Hogg
Outlining an investigation into flows in lakes and reservoirs
Tom Flannaghan
Propagation and dissipation of Kelvin waves in the tropical tropopause layer

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