Institute of Theoretical Geophysics University of Cambridge

Informal Lunch Seminars: Michaelmas 2000

The talks are held in Harker Room II, Department of Earth Sciences, and start at 1:10 pm to allow those who attend or give lectures at 12:05 to be there at the start. We encourage attendees to arrive before 1:10 if possible.

Please bring your own lunch; coffee is provided.

10 October Mary-Louise Timmermans
Compressible gravity currents
17 October Marek Ruzicka
(Czech Republic and ITG)
Convective instability of bubbly layers
24 October Mark Hallworth and
Herbert Huppert
How to solidify a porous medium by heating it
31 October Sharon Khan
The propagation of gravity currents over porous media
7 November Thierry Menaud
(BP Institute)
Miscible displacements in a porous medium
14 November Silke Sheppard
MRI imaging of complex fluids
21 November Joseph Chung
(Taiwan and ITG)
Steady-state chimneys in a mushy layer
28 November Guan-Hong Lee
Diffusion versus advection dominated suspension under storm and swell conditions

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