Institute of Theoretical Geophysics University of Cambridge

Informal Lunch Seminars: Michaelmas 2006

The talks are held in MR15, CMS, and start at 1:05 pm. We encourage attendees to arrive before 1:05 if possible.

Please bring your own lunch.

17 October Erica Thompson
CO2 sequestration in confined acquifers
Charlie Hogg
Exchange flows during the ventilation of buildings
24 October Richard Katz
Melt and shear localization in partially molten aggregates
31 October Rosie Robison
Experiments on viscous grounding lines
Alice Thompson
Levitated drops continued: routes to instability
7 November Rachel Zammett
Breaking moraine dams by catastrophic erosional incision
14 November Daisuke Takagi
Boundary constraints on viscous gravity currents
& others
Practice talks for the APS meeting
21 November no seminar
28 November Maxine von Eye
(Polar Ocean Physics, DAMTP)
Convective chimneys in the Greenland sea

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