Institute of Theoretical Geophysics University of Cambridge

Informal Lunch Seminars: Michaelmas 2008

The talks are held in MR15, CMS, and start at 1:05 pm. We encourage attendees to arrive before 1:05 if possible.

Please bring your own lunch.

7 October Chris Cawthorn
Close encounters of the viscous kind - First contact in a viscous fluid
14 October Richard Booth
Miscible flow in porous media
21 October
Jerome Neufeld
Fluid dynamics of carbon dioxide sequestration
28 October Jim McElwaine
Washboard road
4 November Thibaut Putelat
Non-monotonic rate-and-state friction: consequences of the physics of friction on earthquake mechanics
11 November Maurice Blount
Bending and buckling of slender viscous threads
Ioanna Vlahou
Fracturing of an elastic porous rock
18 November APS DFD practice talks
25 November No seminar
2 December Andrew Lawrie
Rayleigh-Taylor driven mixing

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