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Opportunities within the ITG

PhD studentships

For information on PhD positions within the ITG please contact a member of the academic staff listed below directly, who will be very pleased to talk with you about their research and possible PhD projects.

John Lister ( - surface-tension driven flows such as break-up, coalescence, wicking and clumping; mathematical analysis of fluid-driven fracture; bending and stretching of viscous and elastic filaments; the fluid dynamics of carbon sequestration.

Jerome Neufeld ( - The fluid dynamics of carbon sequestration including mixing, dissolution, trapping through capillary forces; fluid driven fracturing; flow in poroelastic media; solidification in turbulent environments including magma chambers and polynyas.

Grae Worster ( - Flows involving phase change, with particular interests in sea ice, the dynamics of marine ice sheets and the freezing of colloidal suspensions with applications including frost heave.

A list of additional PhD opportunities in the ITG may be found listed on the NERC funded Cambridge Earth System Science DTP.

Research staff

There are no vacancies at present.

Support staff

There are no vacancies at present.